Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Ottawa, Ontario

Its state-of-the-art Learning Centre offered the ideal location to host the Art of the Plant Botanical Art Conference. A demonstration farm with lambs, goats, horses and a dairy barn in the heart of Ottawa, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is renowned for its world-class scientific research and preservation of architectural heritage.

Botanical Art Intensive
 Margaret Best, Botanical Art Instructor and Artist, Calgary, Albert
A two-day intensive was given. Artists could choose to work in watercolour or coloured pencil. 

Workshop: Introduction to Botanical Art  Kathryn Chorney, Professor, Bachelor of Illustration Program,
Sheridan College, Toronto. A day of exploration, discovery, and captured the beauties of nature in art. 

Workshop: Drawing in the Moment Kerri Weller, Botanical Artist, Ottawa
Tips and techniques for creating an artist’s garden journal and sketching outdoors made for an enjoyable morning.