Call for Entry

Entries are now closed.  Thank you to all artists who submitted artwork.

Important dates

• Exhibition Opening: May 2018.
• Submission dates: November 1, 2017 through January 15, 2018.
• Submission Deadline: Midnight (EST) January 15, 2018.

Venue (gallery and online)

• The gallery exhibition will be in the Stone Wall Gallery of the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa.
• The online exhibition will be managed by the ASBA – URL to be announced.


• Open to ALL Canadian artists who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who have not entered a piece in the exhibition of any other participating country (see explanatory note below). 

Note: National partners in the worldwide project agree that each artist can enter only one country’s exhibition, that being the country of the artist’s primary residence.


• Plant species native to Canada, defined as: Any wild plant indigenous to Canada, including natural hybrids, but excluding any cultivar, man-made hybrids, and naturalized exotics. Lichens, mosses, and fungi are also eligible as subjects.

Media accepted

• Original two-dimensional botanical artwork that adheres to the ASBA botanical art image policy will be accepted (see below). This excludes photography, digitally generated work, over-painted digital images, and three-dimensional work. 

American Society of Botanical Artists Image Policy: The botanical art tradition combines science and art. Botanical art encompasses a range of styles and may take the form of scientific illustration or realistic drawing and painting of botanical subjects. Botanical artists seek to understand the structure of plants and to communicate this knowledge to their audience in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The plant depicted must be the prominent feature and primary purpose of the work. All images should be of work executed by hand in traditional botanical media.


• 1 to 3 entries per artist will be accepted.
• Entry fee: $35 for first entry, $15 each additional entry, up to three entries
• Submission dates: Submissions will be accepted online only from November 1, 2017 through January 15, 2018.  
• Submission deadline: Materials must be received by midnight (EST) January 15, 2018. There will be no exceptions or extensions.
• Online submission details including technical specification for digital files will be posted closer to the submission date.


Framed size limit 40” x 48” either horizontal or vertical. Accepted artwork must be professionally framed per specific exhibition requirements. Details provided upon acceptance of submission.


• Acceptances and regrets will be sent by February 15, 2018 via email. If accepted, the artist commits that their artwork(s) will be available for display for the duration of the exhibition.

Shipping and Insurance

• Details will be provided to accepted artists.

Hanging Rights

• Framing standards will be given to accepted artists. The Exhibition’s Committee retains the right to refuse to hang work when received if framing is not per the specified standard, the work is shipped in Styrofoam peanuts, or the quality of the artwork differs significantly (at the discretion of the Exhibition Committee) from that represented by the submission materials.

 Publicity, Education and Print material

• Images of accepted submissions may be used in promotional, educational, and/or interpretive materials before, during, and after the exhibition. Credit lines will be given to the artist’s work as follows: ©Artist name, artwork title, medium.